5 Funny Reasons to Attend the Fam Jam

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The Fam Jam is a delicious formal instructional dinner!

  1. Learn some tips just in time to keep your family of savages somewhat civilized at Grandma's
  2. Avoid embarrassing yourself at wedding buffets (leave that for the dance floor)
  3. You can invite that one relative who always chews with their mouth open
  4. There's a decent chance of getting to see your family members attempt the cha cha slide afterward
  5. And lastly, learn better table manners so you can focus on arguing about politics!

Seriously friends, we're excited to see many of you on December 17th at Rabun Manor for the Family Jamboree!  For more details click here:  www.foxglovecotillion.com/famjam

You can purchase tickets right here!  Please buy your tickets in advance so that we can prepare the food accordingly.  See you soon!

Fam Jam RSVP

Have you SEEN these Fam Jam Photos!

The Foxglove Cotillion Family Jamboree 2016 was a big success.  Relive the magic with these photos thanks to Ashley Sue Photography (click to enlarge the thumbnails as you scroll down).

All these photos and all the group photos are available for download as collections on our website and individually on our Facebook page!  www.facebook.com/foxglovecotillion

What a Venue!   Dec 11th was Magic. 

The Rabun Manor was a gorgeous setting for our first ever Fam Jam.  From the tasteful holiday decor, to the roaring fires in both fireplaces, they definitely know how to celebrate the season in style. 

President and Founder, Page Rhoad addressed a packed house on this particular Sunday evening.

She thanked the community that has supported her and called on her cotillion students in attendance to show off some of the things they had learned.  As the night went on, Page guided everyone through formal dining etiquette with candor and humor and left everyone feeling empowered for the coming holiday meals.

Before the dinner concluded and gave way to the draw of the dance floor, her son and business partner Clifton Rhoad addressed the room and spoke about the importance of young people developing a set of soft skills and social graces to compliment their journey as young adults—a message affirmed by many of those in attendance.

Even though the desserts had been downed, the evening was hardly over!

With Foxglove Cotillion's students from the previous 3 semesters leading the way, the cloth napkins and good manners gave way to great dance steps as the music picked up!  They danced to Swing music and the Foxtrot and even got some of the adventurous family members to join them for a line dance.  

It wouldn't be a Family Jamboree without family photos!

As the evening came to a close, families and friends gathered to get a photo and commemorate a night of delicious food, timeless advice, good manners & great dancing.


Individual images are available for download on our Facebook page

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Thank You Notes

To all of our sponsors and the community that has supported us here in Rabun County, thank you so very much.  We intend to serve you and your children well.  Truly, we are in their hands, and we genuinely expect that they will make us all proud.  

Cheers, and Happy Holidays!

The Fam Jam Is Here Just In Time

Q: What is the Fam Jam?  And other Frequently Asked Questions...

A:  Fam Jam is short for Family Jamboree, our holiday party, instructional dinner, and dance, at the end of the fall cotillion classes.  We combine a delicious formal meal with some fine dining etiquette instruction, and afterward have an informal dance.


Q: Who is invited?

A:  Current and former Foxglove Cotillion students and their families, as well as our local community, are invited—and they are certainly allowed and encouraged to bring family friends who might be interested in formal dining etiquette tips.  And if your company is sponsoring the event, we would love to have you and your staff join us as our guests to learn a little bit and have some fun.

Q:  Why is it here just in time?

A:  Because the holiday meals are upon us!  Between fancy silverware at Grandma's and buffet's at New Years' parties, last minute business deals, and eating Christmas meals with extended family, a few dining tips and tricks can go a long way.

Q:  What are we going to learn?

A:  Because this is an instructional dinner, we will guide you through everything, from proper place settings to table manners and tips and tricks, and answer questions throughout the multi-course meal.

Q:  How much does this formal instructional dinner cost?

A:  Only $20 per person.  We've worked hard with local companies who are sponsoring the event to make a formal, instructional dinner affordable.

Q:  Do I have to stay for the informal dance afterward?

A:  Of course not but we would love to have you!  We will teach a couple easy line dances and do a couple Parent/Child dances, but mostly just play some music and have a good time.

Q:  I own a business, how can I sponsor the Fam Jam?

A:  There are a couple different sponsorship opportunities for companies that want to encourage etiquette training for young people—and promote professional development regardless of age!  Please contact us for more information or visit the sponsors page of our website and select a sponsorship tier online.  We invite any and all of our sponsors to attend and send their staff to learn a little at this instructional meal.  Call Page Rhoad at 770-861-3149 with questions.


Q:  I have food allergies, will that be a problem?

A:  We are asking everyone to RSVP online in advance by purchasing tickets (you can learn more at www.foxglovecotillion.com/famjam), or over the phone so that we can make sure our menu does not conflict with any of our guests' food allergies.  Our online form requests that you mention any allergies, and we'll ask specifically over the phone.

Q:  Where is the Fam Jam being held?

A:  The Rabun Manor in Dillard.  It is a truly gorgeous setting and well-equipped venue with fantastic food, plenty of seating, and a nice dance floor so that we can break it down afterwards!

Q:  What time should we arrive?

A:  The event is from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. and we will go through the instructional dinner slowly, one course at a time.  The informal dance will be immediately after dinner, and everyone is encouraged to stay and enjoy themselves.  

Q:  Is there a dress code?

A:  No, but we are encouraging folks to wear holiday attire despite not requiring any specific dress code.

Q:  How soon do we need to RSVP?

A:  Please try to RSVP by Tuesday December 12th because the Fam Jam will be on December 17th and we need to know how much food to prepare a week in advance.  

Q:  How do we pay to reserve our seats?

A:  You can simply pay online or contact Page Rhoad to confirm you and your guests.

Email:  page@foxglovecotillion.com
Phone:  770-861-3149


Pay Online to Reserve Your Seats

Fam Jam RSVP

photography courtesy of  www.ashleysuephotography.com

How hard is it to ask someone to dance?

How hard is it to ask someone to dance?

Think back to being in high school, in college, out on the town, at a wedding, or at a party.  Asking someone to dance is pretty nerve wracking; and it’s pretty easy to make a fool out of yourself! 

But what if you had already practiced doing it the right way over 100 times in middle school?  

Would it be easier?  You bet it would.  And now you have the chance to give that opportunity to your student.