General Questions

What is Cotillion?
Centuries ago, "Cotillion" refered to a formal dance, attended by upstanding young people as a social event.  It has also been associated with débutantes, although in our case the two are completely unrelated.

In keeping with Southern tradition, we use the term "cotillion" to refer to the etiquette classes we teach as a weekly after-school (or weekend) program for 5th-8th grade students in the Spring and in the Fall.

The classes are comprised of etiquette, manners, and basic dance instruction, and lead up to a formal dinner and/or a semi-formal dance following the classes, at the end of the semester. 

Between the internet and what we teach at home, why pay for cotillion classes?
For the same reason that a high school football team doesn’t only get together on Friday nights:  Without practice, they would embarrass themselves!  

We’re counting on families to instill the importance of good manners.  We’re here to add to their students’ knowledge, and give them the opportunity to get together with their peers, and practice, practice, practice… until they form good habits.  

Is there a Cotillion Class for each grade?
No.  Our Junior Class is comprised of 5th & 6th grade students, while our Advanced Class is comprised of 7th & 8th grade students.  When we have a limited number of students, we will *combine the Junior and Advanced Classes.

When possible, we teach Junior and Advanced Classes back-to-back.  At the end of the semester, our Junior and Advanced Classes attend a semi-formal dance, and/or a formal dinner together.

How long do classes last?
Weekend classes last an hour and a half (there are 6 or 7 total).

After-school classes last approximately an hour (there are 8 total). 

How many Classes are there per location?
That depends on several things.  

Typically, there are at least 2 classes; and we generally teach Junior Classes followed by Advanced Classes.  However, this can vary by location depending on demand, availability, and scheduling.

How many students are there per class?
Typically, we *limit class size to 15 boys and 15 girls per class.  

Each class is typically comprised of 2 grades.  The Junior Class is made up of 5th & 6th grade students.  The Advanced Class is made up of 7th & 8th grade students.

When we have a smaller class, we can combine the junior and advanced classes.

Invitations will be issued in the order we receive requests.  To request an invitation, simply sign up for our Waiting List.  

Every 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th grade student attending Tallulah Falls School should have received a request in the mail, and will be accepted for the Fall 2019 semester's after-school program if they choose to attend.

Where are Cotillion Classes taught?
For the up-to-date list of locations and dates for our current classes, just check the schedule on the website.

Classes are typically taught on the campuses of schools we have partnered with as an after-school activity.  We also partner with local venues such as churches, country clubs, civic centers, etc. depending on demand, availability, and scheduling.

The formal dinner and/or semi-formal dance follows the 7 or 8 weeks of classes, and combines the Junior and Advanced Classes when possible, and is typically held at the same location where the students attend classes. 

Does Foxglove only offer Cotillion through schools?
No.  We partner with local schools as well as local organizations to provide Cotillion Classes when possible.

If our Waiting List has over 20 students (approximately 10 boys and 10 girls) signed up from a certain area, we will work with parents and partner with a local venue in that area to provide Cotillion Classes for those students. 

Is there a dress code?
Yes.  We ask that young men wear slacks with a belt and leather shoes, as well as a button-up shirt and tie or bow-tie, and a sport coat or jacket.  Young women are asked to wear knee-length skirts or dresses, or dress pants with a button up shirt or an appropriate blouse, and business-casual shoes.

We do make some exceptions, especially as it may pertain to a school's dress code, so please inquire in advance with any questions.  

Pricing, Discounts, Rebates, & Scholarships

How much does Cotillion cost?
Cotillion Class costs $250 and that fee covers all class instruction and a formal dinner or semi-formal dance.  The breakdown is just over $22 / hour and we believe it is well worth it!

Tallulah Falls School's after-school program costs $250 per semester and that covers 8 slightly shorter weeks of class instruction and a formal dinner as well as a semi-formal dance.  The breakdown is right at $20 / hour and we're grateful for the partnership!

Do you provide scholarships?
Yes.  We personally provide a significant partial scholarship for at least 2 students per location.  

We also encourage local businesses and individuals, who believe in the power of young people with good manners, to provide scholarships.

Please inquire if you feel that your student or a student you know is eligible for a need-based scholarship.

Are there any discounts for siblings?
Yes.  We provide a 10% sibling discount for any student with a sibling that previously attended Foxglove Cotillion or is attending at the same time.  If siblings are attending at the same time, each sibling receives a 10% discount.

Is there a discount for returning students?
Yes.  Cotillion is an 8 semester program over 4 years (5th - 8th grade) that teaches social skills and dance steps that build upon previous instruction.  We provide a 10% discount for returning students who have previously attended classes through Foxglove Cotillion.  

Is there a referral program?
Yes.  We provide 10% referral rebates per Registered student, to the current students who refer another student that attends Foxglove Cotillion the same semester. 

For Example:  If 3 of your friends register their students for Cotillion the same semester as your student, and list someone in your family as the person who referred them, you will receive a 30% referral rebate.  


Learn more on our Pricing page

Sign Up Questions
(We know it's a bit confusing)

How do I sign up my student for Cotillion Classes?
1.  First you have to Pre-Register your student by signing up for our *Waiting List
2.  Then, when we send you an email invitation with a link, you can Register by paying for the class (online or by check) by the Information Session date provided.

*Just because it's called a waiting list, doesn't necessarily mean the classes are full

How much does it cost to Pre-Register by joining the Waiting List?
Joining the Waiting List is free.

Can I Register without having Pre-Registered?
No.  We only issue invitations to students on the Waiting List.

Is there a separate Waiting List for different locations?
No.  However, we sort the list automatically into the various locations based on the information you enter when you join the Waiting List.

We make the assumption that your student would prefer to attend a Cotillion Class with their classmates or with other students in their area.  However, if you receive an invitation but you have a scheduling conflict, we will honor your priority on the Waiting List by giving your student the opportunity to attend Cotillion Classes at another local location if possible.  

Why is Foxglove so strict about Registration and the number of students? 
We try to be proactive and do our best to keep an even number of boys and girls.  This is especially helpful in some of the formal partner dances, and in order to predict how many assistants and how many volunteers we will need for the classes.

If my student isn't one of the first 15 boys or 15 girls signed up on the Waiting List, and they don't have the chance to attend Cotillion Class this semester, do I have to sign them up for the Waiting List again next semester? 
No!  You only have to sign up for the Waiting List once.  

We will always give first priority in future semesters to the students who are already signed up on the Waiting List.

In fact, if your student is currently in 3rd or 4th grade, you can all but guarantee that you reserve their invitation to attend Cotillion Class in the future by signing them up to the Waiting List now, knowing that we will honor their position at the front of the line in their age group when the time comes.

I received my Invitation.  Now, how do I Register my student?
All you have to do now is pay.  As soon as we have processed your payment, your student is Registered.

I received my Invitation.  Can I pay by check or by card or over the phone?
Yes.  Yes.  And Yes.

As long as we receive the check on or before the Information Session date provided in your invitation, your student will be Registered.  

You can also easily pay online by following the link on your invitation.  

Or if you would like to pay over the phone, we would be happy to assist you with that during normal business hours.    

I received my Invitation.  When do I need to have my student Registered by before I lose my spot?
By the Information Session date provided.

I received my Invitation.  Can I pay in person at the Information Session?
Yes.  You can pay by check, card, or cash in person.  

What happens if I received an Invitation to Register, but don't pay by the Information Session date provided or in-person at that time?
We will issue an invitation to the next person in line on the Waiting List.  

If they pay before you pay, their student will be able to attend the class and your student will be returned to the top of the Waiting List for the following semester.


I want to learn this stuff!  When will Cotillion be offered to adults (or high school kids)?
Well we are considering teaching adult Cotillion Classes once a month on a week night if we have enough people show interest!  Classes would be pay-at-the-door and there would be a discount for bringing a dance partner.  If getting out of the house on a week night sounds fun to you, let us know you're interested by signing up here!  

or Contact Us with any other questions