Junior & Advanced Classes cost $280 per semester ($22/hr)
This fee covers 7 weeks of instruction as well as a semi-formal dance

There is no need to pay full price
with all these discounts, scholarships, and rebates.

School Year Discount
We provide incentive to pay for both the Fall and Spring classes up front, by discounting the total cost by 10% which reduces the price to $504 for the whole year (before additional discounts or rebates).  Refunds are available if there is a scheduling conflict. 

10% Discount

Early Bird Discount
We provide a discount for students who pre-register early and deposit 10% of the full price of cotillion clases.

10% Discount
Requires Deposit
by July 1st 2018

Returning Student Discount
Cotillion is taught for 8 semesters over 4 years (5th - 8th grade) and teaches social skills and dance steps that build upon previous instruction. We provide a discount for returning students who have previously attended classes.

10% Discount

Family Discount
We provide a discount for any student with an immediate family member that previously attended Foxglove Cotillion or is attending at the same time.  If family members are attending at the same time, each one receives a 10% discount.

10% Discount

Referral Rebate
We provide a referral rebate (per referred student that registers) to current students who refer another student that attends Foxglove Cotillion the same semester. 

For Example:  If 3 of your friends register their students for Cotillion the same semester as your student, and list someone in your family as the person who referred them, you will receive a 30% referral rebate. 

10% Rebate Per Referred Student

No Limit

Need-Based Scholarship
We personally provide a significant partial scholarship for at least 2 students per location.

We determine the amount but we work closely with parties familiar with the circumstances to determine eligibility. 

 Two Per Class
Amount Varies
 Case by Case

Community Scholarships
When a local business or individual believes in the power of young people with good manners, we encourage them to provide a scholarship, named after them, that will allow us to teach a child the soft skills that will help them get ahead in life.

We determine the amount per child but we work closely with parties familiar with the circumstances to determine eligibility.

Number Varies
Per Semester

Amount Varies
 Case by Case

All discounts and rebates can be combined.  
Rebates will be issued after the start of classes.