"Stifling an urge to dance is bad for your health—it rusts your spirit and your hips."

—Terri Guillemets



Thursday nights on the front porch at Mama G's

We'll provide dessert, a good soundtrack, and dance lessons for $25

Bring a dance partner, and it's only $20 each!




What are Summer Date Nights?  And what's cotillion?

Summer Date Nights are a GREAT excuse to go out on a Thursday evening for delicious desserts and laid back dance lessons.  We also teach a few etiquette tips and tricks each week.

We're Foxglove Cotillion!  We teach good manners, formal etiquette, and basic dance steps to middle school kids in the fall and in the spring for 8 weeks.  

So, when our students' parents kept asking us to teach them a thing or two, we decided to have some fun this summer and here we are!

Where are y'all getting together?

On the front porch : ) 

We've partnered with Mama G's to provide a breezy location, delicious desserts—and it doesn't hurt that they have a fully stocked bar right inside!

Not to mention, they pride themselves on being a community-first organization, doing business locally, and helping the kids in Rabun County whenever possible (our kind of people).

We're busy people!  What time Thursday Nights?

We designed this for busy people!  It's from 8-9:30 so that you can either eat at home and come afterward, or grab a bite at Mama G's before we move out to the porch to socialize, enjoy dessert, and learn some dance steps.

When do Summer Date Nights begin?

We'll get back to you on that; but we usually kick things off in mid-June and we will get back together every Thursday night for 6 weeks in a row, through July

How much does it cost?

We're charging $25 at the door


$20 each, if you bring a dance partner!

Who can come?

Anyone from high school age up to grandparents is welcome!  Leave the kids at home, and learn some of the tips and tricks we normally teach our Cotillion Students.

I have two left feet... is this too advanced for me?

Nope!  Come enjoy yourself.  We'll teach some easy line dances in addition to partner dances like the foxtrot and the basics of swing. 

Do we have to come every week?

Of course not.  That said, some of the dance steps do build upon one another, so it will be a bit easier if you come for consecutive weeks.  Plus, we'll miss you.


Pay Online or At The Door

Summer Date Night
from 20.00
If You're Bringing a Dance Partner:
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