Testimonial #1

"Being an assistant at Foxglove Cotillion has really changed my view of people and how people view me. Something as simple as greeting someone with a handshake has caught the attention of my family and parents of my friends. It's helped me in job interviews, dinners, and even lunch at school!"


Former Student at Rabun Gap High School and Foxglove Cotillion assistant

Testimonial #2

“Note to Skeptics: I too once stood where you stand. Annoyed, impatient, and undoubtedly convinced that cotillion classes were nothing less than an impractical and colossal waste of time.

However, this was quickly discredited by a healthy dosage of one-parts maturity, and two-parts practical experience.

First time at dinner with the new girlfriend’s parents?  Now you won't embarrass her. Cousins wedding with a Motown cover band and neglected dance floor?  As long as “I Can’t Help Myself” is playing, give them a show!

Take the opportunity your parents are offering and it will (as any wise investment does) turn into something far more beneficial than the original time invested.

My gratitude cannot be adequately expressed in this short testimonial for Mrs. Rhoad and the exceptional experience she made possible.”



Wesleyan School & Georgia Southern alumnus, co-founder & CEO of Southern Bound Clothing

Testimonial #3

"Cotillion and Mrs. Rhoad's instruction has had a lasting impact on me, and has been a critical reference through some of the most critical points in my life!  I have carried her instruction through simple things like first dates and college formals to complex business meetings; giving me the confidence to focus on the task-at-hand rather than which fork to use.

I have no doubt that when my mom forced me to go through her class, it served as an important part of the framework I have leveraged to build fruitful relationships and garnish success in business!"


Twice an entrepreneur and currently a business development specialist with WeCounsel

Testimonial #4

"After unexpectedly finding myself in the speaker circuit after giving a TED talk in 2012, I needed to find someone who could guide me and teach me how to really thrive in my speaking and presentation as I moved forward. Page was that individual. She sat with me and coached me-- all while being a positive critic and reinforcer of grace. That's the truly wonderful thing about working with Page, she is quick to show you how to leverage your strengths and is ready to walk with you the whole way through until you reach a point of feeling confident, prepared, and ready for what lies ahead."


Nationally acclaimed writer, sought-after-speaker, and author of the memoir, If You Find This Letter, published by Howard Books, a division of Simon & Schuster, Inc.

Testimonial #5

"My employment with Mrs. Rhoad's cotillion was a great experience. I was given the opportunity to learn professional etiquette and ballroom dance, then pass that knowledge on to the kids in our classes. It helped me feel prepared and confident for interviews and special dinners. It was great to know the kids we were instructing would have that same confidence."


Holy Innocents' alumnus, Clemson graduate,  current engineer & former cotillion assistant


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